launching Project Otter

Welcome to Project Otter.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a second or third career, we’re here to help you find your way to the work you love.


Every week, you’ll hear the stories of people with great jobs who made or are making a difference in the world, because they figured out what they wanted to do.

We’ll home in on how they knew what they wanted and how they got there. What obstacles did they face? Who helped them along the way? You’ll also hear inspiring tales of people who reinvented their work lives. How did they do it? What kinds of sacrifices, decisions, and hard work did it involve? You’ll learn all that here.

Every week, Project Otter will feature people who managed to make their work play. You’ll hear what motivates, inspires, or drives them to new heights of creativity.

Plus our interviews with everyone from career coaches to psychologists and researchers will shed light on tips to help you discover what you were really meant to do—based on your interests, what motivates you, and your willingness to work toward a goal.

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Why Project Otter?
Otters are by nature playful. They always seem to enjoy themselves, even when they’re at work, catching the day’s meal. The mindless industry of the beaver, bee, or ant is not for them. Otters treat work as play. So can you.